Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Back to books tomorrow, but here's a little silliness to tide you over:

halloween bento

The Jack-o-lanterns are made from sushi rice which we cooked with shredded carrot and then formed into balls. My son meticulously cut out the faces from sheets of nori.  For the stems, we used some food picks shaped like leaves, but you could easily use a little piece of green bean or something.  We got the idea for the pumpkin onigiri from the blog Happy Little Bento.

The severed fingers are hotdogs (which we got at the Amish farm where we buy our meat) with a few slices here and there--very easy and quite, well, disarming.... Directions can be found at Adventures in BentoMaking.

The rest of the lunch box (a stainless steel container from LunchBots) is packed with raw sugar snap peas, a little lettuce, and a bloody dipping sauce.

Lunch is usually a lot less exciting around here!


  1. Ack! That is creepy, Bravo!

  2. Oh my the fingers are great!

  3. Thanks! My son and I packed this lunch for my husband. He is used to plain lunch of leftovers-- so this was a huge surprise for him. Before he started eating, he went around his medical office showing it off to his co-workers. One person screamed when she saw it. Halloween is my favorite holiday!

  4. Oh my gosh, those fingers are creepy. How clever.

  5. WOW - those fingers! Hope they don't have copyrights because I'm going to steal the idea next year :)


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