Saturday, October 22, 2011

Doctors without Borders

My husband (a physician) and I (a historian with a PhD) were eager to pick out books to enjoy on our recent beach weekend.  Although I certainly appreciate the independent bookstores in our area--especially the marvelous Politics and Prose--I must say that as a non-driver, I was a bit addicted to the chain bookstore within walking distance of our house.  And this time, due to big work projects that each of us were engaged in before our little vacation, David and I were both rushing around like mad as we packed.  A quick bookstore run was really all we had time for.  Alas:


  1. Many of these empty chain stores are re-opening, either as independent bookstores or as part of another chain. A bookstore within walking distance is wonderful, so I hope you'll have another soon.

    (Took me a while to get the title of this post. I'm slow!)

  2. Yes, our town lost its Borders too. We still have a very nice B&N, but I'd love to see indies start making a comeback. I hope that you guys get another bookstore in your neighborhood at some point. Have a wonderful weekend! Cheers!

  3. Ugh, I'm still upset about the closing of Atlanta's final Borders a month or so back. Terrible stuff. But it does make for a good blog post title...


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