Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Music in the Mountains

Happy sigh. This week my family is at violin camp, located in the beautiful mountains of south-west Virginia. This is our second year here, and we hope there will be many more summers in our future. For me and for David, this is pure vacation--a magical week full of no job responsibilities, no cooking responsibilities, no cleaning responsibilities, and a constant soundtrack of beautiful music. For my son, there is a lot of hard work learning new music, a lot of joy performing with new friends, and a lot of fun as the kids play soccer on the quad after the evening concerts.

One of my favorite events at camp is the annual talent show. Participants can perform any "talent" (or un-talent) that they would like, other than playing their instruments in the normal way. Here is my son's talent show skit, which you might especially enjoy if you are the parent of a young musician:

* * *

Tomorrow, back to books. I'll post about what I am reading here in the mountains.


  1. A violin camp in the mountains? Sounds heavenly!

    Your son plays very well. His notes are so clean and clear! I dragged my husband over to listen. He's a pretty good violinist, and he agreed too.

    Happy reading in the mountains! It sounds like a dream....:)

  2. Wow, I've got to get me one of those! You think they have a cat model?

  3. Not only does your son play well but I loved the way he really committed to his role in the skit. And your week in mountains is really making me excited to go sit in Maine in late July. Sigh.


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