Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Great chieftain o' the puddin-race!"

Photo by Michael Dudley

On Tuesday evening, my family celebrated the birthday of Robert Burns, the famed 18th Century Scottish poet.  People all over the world--be they Scottish, part-Scottish, or just honorary Scottish for the night--gather together that evening to eat haggis, drink whiskey, and read poetry.  What could be better?

My family cooked a dinner of leek soup, vegetarian haggis, tatties and neeps, green beans, and shortbread. (Recipes can be found at the links.)  Although we did not have a bagpipe on hand to pipe in the haggis ceremoniously, my 11yo son played a few Scottish tunes on his fiddle.

After dinner, we read some poetry by Burns while sitting by a blazing fire.  None of us read nearly as well as this gentleman:

Address to A Haggis by Robert Burns


  1. What a great way to spend an evening! I've never heard of this tradition before, I'll have to note my calendar for next year (being part Scottish and all).

  2. My "talent" for a New Year's Eve party one year was reciting "To a Mouse." I cannot believe I missed Bobbie Burns' birthday!

  3. Sometimes people celebrate on that day of Burns death, which is sometime in June, I believe. There is a ton of information on the internet about various traditional and new ways to celebrate. Try "Robert Burns night" and "Robert Burns dinner" for ideas. Let me know what you do!


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